Grace FIT!

Thursday Morning Classes with Coach Maurece!

These Fun and Functional group training sessions are tailored to the development and positive growth of students in Grades 4-6 at Grace Lutheran Primary School.

Sessions will be coached by a qualified Personal Trainer, they are carefully structured and devised through fundamentals of movement to teach students how to ‘move’ their body, especially as they start to navigate those growth spurts!

Programming will be based on specific skills targeted for each session, developing a wide range of skills useful for development such as

  • Primal Movements (Crawl, Jump, Run, Skip etc)

  • Bodyweight control (Push ups, Pull ups)

  • Power Development (Explosive Jumps)

  • Hand-Eye Coordination (Throwing and Catching, Reflexes)

  • Foot-Eye coordination (Dribbling, Kicking)

‘Grace FIT!’ classes will be held over 7 consecutive on Wednesdays from 3:00 – 4:00pm.  Students will need to wear their PE Uniform and change into it after school if Wednesday is a Formal Uniform day for them normally. They will meet Coach Maurece at the entrance of The Hall where they will have their name marked off of the roll and then head to their training area for the morning. Coach Maurece may run sessions held in the Hall, Junior Playground, Dalton Oval or even the Library pending the focus of that session and weather conditions on the day.

To minimise injury, students are required to be on time to their training session as the warm up and stretching components are pivotal to safe training practices and developing their understanding of how to train effectively and safely.

Parents are required to either meet Coach Maurece in the waiting area at 4pm sharp to collect students, or have them booked into GOSHC as care past 4pm is not provided.

T&Cs – Please note that due to the nature of a group class, no makeup lessons or credits will be offered for absenteeism. This is a drop off class and is closed to family members to observe, thus ensuring every student is focussed on their class and working towards their own personal best. Grace standards of behaviour are required at all times in this class and maintaining that high level of standards is central in the continued involvement of each child in the program.

If enrolling, please mark your family diaries with the following ‘Grace FIT!’ sessions that make up the 6 week course:

  • Wednesday 7 February 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 14 February 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 21 February 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 28February 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 6 March 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 13 March 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 20 March  3-4pm
  • Wednesday 27 March 3-4pm

We are looking forward to working towards the goals of our students in this new, fun and dynamic setting.  We know it’s a wonderful addition to a thriving sport program here at Grace Lutheran Primary School.

Please email any queries to during term times.